Kastner- Engineering, Limited Partnership


The company was originally founded in the mid-eighties in the heart of Munich by CEng. Anton Kastner. It has made a mark for itself with many companies. Engineering services in the areas of architecture, communications, construction, plant- and mechanical engineering and much more have been carried out locally and abroad.

Since the beginning of 2000, Mr. Anton Kastner has entered into a close working partnership with Mr. Sr. Architect Ziad Al Kassar. These activities are now bundled in the newly founded company Kastner Engineering Limited Partnership and continued by Mr. Al Kassar. The focus of works is in the areas of conception and planning of new developments, renovations, and restorations.

The bundling of the synergy of a wide treasure trove of experience locally and abroad, as well as the inclusion of colleagues and partner companies, guarantee efficient high performance.



CEng. Univ. Anton Kastner

Within the scope of his company K.E.C Limited, Mr. Kastner was able to acquire a large fundus of knowledge and experience through a large number of new developments, renovations and restorations, as well as technical structures and systems. To this day, Mr. Kastner enjoys the recognition and respect of his clients.

Kastner Engineering, KG

Friedrichstrasse. 21, 80801 Munich Tel.: +49 (0) 989 56 44 887


Sr. Architect FH Ziad Al Kassar

Mr. Al Kassar has been working with Mr. Kastner since 2000. His construction projects in the field of architecture were and are very diverse and international. As a result, he was able to acquire a basic understanding of the generally recognized construction regulation standards in many countries, especially in the Arab world.

Ziad Al-Kassar

Mobile: +49 (0) 162 66 08 08 010


Dr.-Ing. Ali Mohammed

Projektmanagement | Vertragswesen | Controlling

Dipl.-Ing. Andrej Zvonkov

Statik | Tragwerksplanung

Bernhard Weber

Bauleitung | Bauaufsicht

Dieter Goldschalt

CAD : - Architektur und Werkplanung | Planungs- und Qualitätskontoroller

Günter Peer

Konstruktionsleiter der CAD Abteilung | Elektro- und Maschinen-Technik | System-Wartung und – Pflege

Qualiconsult – Engineers

Internationales Architektur-Büro und Werkplanung | Bauingenieurwesen und Tragwerksplanung